common practice

common practice

123occupy is a project meant to connect strategies for occupation with reproducible physical actions.  We do this through a handout, a set of instructions for building. Download a PDF of instructions for building these prototypes here.

Project Team: Greta Hansen, Kyung-Jae Kim, Andy Rauchut, and Adam Koogler.



Project 2 is BUBBLE WRAP COLLAPSIBLE, built on INSULATED PALLET to pop up to house public activities.  The prototype was originally built to be the winterized self-service desk for the medical tents at Zuccotti Park, but the design is multi-purpose.  It becomes a modular unit when bolted to similar units.  When configured in a closed shape, the result is an inhabitable wall as well as 4’-0” thick air membrane for an interior courtyard.

BUBBLE WRAP COLLAPSIBLE is made from hinged 1x3s with pegged diagonal bracing.  Its skin bubble wrap shingles heat welded between plastic for insulated transparency.  The walls roll up when the structure is collapsed and adhere to the frame with Velcro when in position.

TOTAL COST: $150.00